Skillab wants to get people talking code

There is a huge communication barrier between ‘techies’ and ‘non-techies’ and our courses are starting to bridge that gap.



Skillab started as a beginners web programming course  to get people thinking and talking about code.

After three successful cohorts, we decided to experiment with the concept of Skillab OS –  to open source the model. We want to share our methodology and our learning manifesto to support others to use it across contexts and audiences. Our hope is that you will take our materials and run with them, to help others become conversational in code.



skillab mentors
Mentors helping students during a session of Skillab (iteration 2)


An article was written about us in the magazine Web and PHP – Skillab: Inside a teaching revolution 

Octavia spoke about Skillab at CrowdTalks at Makerversity: Design & Technology education

Our mentor, Daniel, is running a ‘forked’ Skillab with On Purpose.


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